Hi. I'm Pinku Kumar.

I am a Pre-final Year student who loves working with web technology. I spend my days working with Technology like HTML, CSS and Javascript. I Have a Good experience on working with python and ruby. I want to do research in Information theory and want to improves the coding algorithms. I am currently learning Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms. I also loves to works with Raspberry pi Pico and other IoT Technology.


I know web Technolohies and Data Science.

Full-Stack Web Development

In My daily life I works with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have worked with React and Vue Frameworks.

Data Science and Machine Learning

I am Currently Learning Data Science and want to do information theory analysis with Machine Learning.

Competitive Programming

I love to do Competitive Programming and I actively participate in Codechef competition.

Here’s Events and Blogs

I have participated in some of the events and have written some blogs.


I worked on open source program Kwoc

Contact Me

You can contact me through my social media links.